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Together, Turning the Tide on Trafficking

Time remaining to #makeyourmove:

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Wear the Ribbon

Show your commitment and spark conversations about modern slavery & human trafficking by wearing the ‘upside-down’ purple ribbon.

Join a Challenge

How far would you go? Whether you go 100 miles, 5km or 100 metres, this Freecember #take1step to stop slavery.

Donate to a Cause

Put your money where your move is. You can donate to the registered non-profit / charity of your choice via country-specific giving platforms.

What Is Freecember?

Freecember is an invitation. An invitation to make a move for freedom.

Freecember exists to give people specific, meaningful, attainable ways to get involved and make a tangible difference in helping people live in freedom.

Stopping slavery takes long term commitment. Like many things, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Freecember invites people to ask questions, start conversations and be a part of a rising tide of people individually and together taking Widespread Informed Sustained Everyday actions to stop specific slavery.

The Ocean Is Made Of Drops

Why Freecember?

As you may know, millions of people are trafficked and trapped in slavery… but what can we do about it?

Freecember’s goal is to turn the tide on trafficking by helping people discover ways to take meaningful action and to connect with organisations giving hope and making progress in helping real people avoid, be rescued from and be restored following modern slavery.

Millions of individuals are trafficked and trapped.
Together, we can turn the tide.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

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    Wear the Freecember Ribbon

    Show your support and spark conversations about modern slavery & human trafficking by wearing the ‘upside-down’ purple ribbon.

    Wearing the Freecember modern slavery action ribbon is a commitment to learn and to take informed action. Register your details using the form on the right and we’ll get a ribbon to you ASAP.

    Or, even better, make your own! Find some purple ribbon, loop it so that it’s ‘upside down’, and, being careful not to stick yourself, pin it to whatever you’re wearing as you go through your days this Freecember. (Or draw one on your hand, headband, wristband, etc… we’re flexible.)

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    Join a Freecember Challenge

    How far would you go?

    Whether you go 100 miles, 5km or 100 metres, this Freecember, your journey begins when you #take1step to stop slavery.

    Join a 30, 60 or 100 Mile Challenge, solo or as a group:

    Create Your Own Freecember Challenge

    We suggest something that takes effort over time. One woman is crocheting, so be creative! You could go for something like 31,000 steps (1000 every day), hosting a Purple Elephant Party, or Stopping Hockey Pucks to Stop Slavery (way to go guys!).

    Donate to a Cause

    Put your money where your move is

    Here’s reality: Freedom isn’t free. It takes financial resources to stop slavery in sustainable ways.

    You can be part of providing resources to the organisations with the expertise to effectively prevent trafficking, intervene for victims and restore survivors of slavery.

    Freecember is currently run completely pro-bono / out of pocket and doesn’t take donations. You can give to a registered non-profit / charity via country-specific giving platforms.

    Don’t see your favourite anti-trafficking organisation? Don’t let that stop you. Find a way to get giving. Better yet, start a Freecember Challenge and make them your charity of choice.

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    No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

    Together, we can Turn the Tide on Trafficking

    The Ocean Is Made Of Drops

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